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Ilhan Omar calls for a boycott of advertisers against Tucker Carlson

Rep. Ilhan Omar called on advertisers to boycott Fox News' animator, Tucker Carlson, after he presented it as an example of the dangerousness of the US immigration system.

"Fox News is now offering a nightclub platform with white supremacist rhetoric – it's dangerous – advertisers should not subscribe to hate speech," the Minnesota Democrat said on Twitter on Twitter.

Omar said Tuesday in another tweet that Carlson was a "racist idiot".

"I'm not going to lie, it's kind of fun to watch a racist idiot like this one crying over my congressional presence," said the new Congressman. "No lie will reduce my love for this country or my determination to make our union more perfect."

Carlson said Tuesday during his show that America should "be grateful to Ilhan Omar" because it has shown flaws in the country's immigration system.

The host pointed out a Washington Post room where Omar criticized America as a "country that had failed" to live up to its promise.

"In Omar's version, America was not the big-hearted country that had saved her from a brutal war and a dark refugee camp." Was not a meritocracy that had helped her to go to university or to get into Congress. Failed to live up to her founding ideals, a place that had disappointed her as well as so many immigrants, refugees and minorities like her, "says the text.

Omar said that she thought it was up to her to "talk" about the country that did not guarantee justice to all.

In 2017, Omar wrote an article for Time in which she asserted that America was "genocide-based".

"Omar is not" disappointed "in America.It is furious.All of her public statements blame America for fanaticism and racism.It is an immoral country, does she have she has an undisguised disregard for the United States and her people, and that should worry you, and not just because Omar is now a member of Congress, and is living proof that the way we are 'immigration has become dangerous for this country,' said Carlson.


A spokesman for Carlson responded to Omar's call for a boycott of his show. "All those who attach importance to democracy and freedom of expression should be gravely concerned when members of Congress demand that their detractors be silenced. Tucker will talk about it tonight, "the main executive producer of Tucker Carlson tonight say it Examiner from Washington.

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