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I'm alive and I'm grateful – ProFootballTalk

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Dolphins defensive tackle Kendrick Norton gave his first interview since amputating his left arm following injuries sustained in a car accident last week.

Norton will no longer play football after losing his arm, but said he "stayed strong" thanks to the support of family, friends and fans who joined him since the accident. He also expressed gratitude for the fact that he did not lose his life in this accident.

"I'm alive," Norton told CBS Miami's Peter D'Oench. "To be here, I'm alive. One thing makes me move forward and it's that I can always be here. Seeing my family is so important. It's very good that I have this support system. It keeps me strong and keeps me big. But I realize that I will not be able to play for anyone. We work past you know. This reality is sinking. I am alive and I am grateful. Now, I want to organize a blood drive.

Norton was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the accident, but was cited for an inappropriate lane change. He did not discuss the details of the accident during the interview, but rather the fact that he is alive with a "half full" glass, while "many people wear glasses containing little or no empty glasses ".

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