I'm happy to report that the 2020 Genesis G90 has good wheels

Image: Hyundai

It's been a long time since an OEM has released a new wheel design that made me think. I've long believed that these are the wheels that make the car, from a visual point of view, and many manufacturers have phoned in the design of the wheels.

Picture: Maybach

In the few hours since the G90 was introduced for the first time with these incredible wheels, some have mentioned the large wheels and load that you will find on the current Maybach. On the one hand, the fact that Genesis was mentioned in the same breath as Maybach only benefits Genesis. For another, Genesis have managed to make a better wheel. The turbine wheel of the Maybach is good, but not as good as the nested rays of Korean.

Genesis, by launching Hail Mary 's new G90 luxury sedan at the Los Angeles Auto Show and in the hope of a miracle, paid close attention to the wheels. They look amazing. They seem to belong to a real big sedan. They are substantial and remain somewhat elegant. It's a difficult balance to reach.

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This is a modern version of the once ubiquitous basket wheels, which were themselves a modern version of the once-ubiquitous wire spoke wheels. The designer who wrote these wheels and the engineer who made them deserve to be applauded.

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The big luxury sedans need a choice of bold wheels to have the right look. Think back to the one-piece wheels of the Mercedes-AMG E55 from the late 90s and early 2000s. It was a wheel that looked just like the car. Although the new Genesis G90 has not been tested yet, it is an excellent first impression. Genesis wants to be taken seriously, and this wheel design is a bargain.

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