Iman Shumpert was prevented from entering the Lock Blazers locker room


Iman Shumpert, apparently angry at the Blazers' center Jusuf Nurkic, was prevented from entering Portland's locker room Monday night by the team's safety and arena.

Shump apologized on social media after the match and tried to minimize the incident.

Shumpert was furious against a hard screen set by the big guy in the second half of the Sacramento Kings' 115-107 win.

By the AP:

"Some things had to be between him and me, a conversation between two men," said Shumpert. "Things happened on which we had to have a conversation. That's all. "

Nurkic shrugged.

"I will not worry about that," he said. "He will soon retire. I do not worry about a guy who will soon retire. "

Shumpert, 28, was called for a technical foul in the third quarter. One of his teammates then took him to the bench after arguing with a person sitting on the Portland bench.

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