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Imminent immigration raids across the United States spark anxiety and protests | American News

The Trump administration is expected to conduct immigration raids in major US cities Sunday, a prospect that has triggered vigils, demonstrations, convictions and fears.

The raids are expected to illegally target about 2,000 migrants in the United States, but this prospect has terrorized large swathes of migrant communities. Vigils took place from Los Angeles to Berlin on Friday, when a broad coalition of progressive groups condemned the raids.

"The government is deliberately terrorizing families and immigrant communities are getting worse by the day," Mary Bauer, deputy legal director of the Immigrant Justice project at the Southern Poverty Law Center, told The Guardian.

"The persistence of ill-treatment of children detained in detention centers, attacks on our asylum system and attacks on immigrant communities during threatened raids show that the priority of this administration is to terrorize communities and not to not solve the immigration problems of our country. "

Undocumented migrants described in the Guardian plan to buy food, hoping to lock themselves inside. Companies that rely on migrant labor said their employees stayed home after work.

The actions planned by the forces of order follow the testimony of the Congress on the "horrible" conditions in detention centers for migrants on the southern border, which have been described as overcrowded, dirty and without resources.

Twenty-four immigrants died under the custody of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (Ice) Administration under the Trump.

As recently as Friday night, journalists with Vice President Mike Pence visited a border crossing in McAllen, Texas, and described the overcrowding in which men were held in cages in a "suffocating" heat where the "stench was horrible".

Pence described the conditions as "Difficult things".

Given that ice detention facilities operate with limited capacity, immigration officials have publicly suggested using hotels to detain those seized as a result of the raids.

This has prompted a chain, Marriott, to say that this would not allow its buildings to be used as detention centers for the federal government. Ice officials responded that they would be forced separate families they lack capacity.

On Saturday in Tacoma, near Seattle, police announced that a man armed with a rifle had been shot down after throwing incendiary devices at a privately run migrant detention center by the Federal Department of Justice. Homeland Security.

The shooting took place about six hours after a peaceful rally outside the detention center on Friday night, a police spokesman said. A rally scheduled for Saturday has been moved.

The Tacoma Northwest Detention Center detains migrants awaiting deportation and has also kept migrant parents separated from children under Trump's "zero tolerance" policy.

Saturday, in Chicago, about 5,000 protesters demonstrated against Trump's immigration policies, chanting slogans criticizing the president and Ice. Police said the protest was peaceful and that there was no arrest. Chicago is a target city.

Demonstrations took place in other cities, including Phoenix, which should not be among the attacked cities. Friday night, dozens of protesters blocked a street in the city center and disrupted streetcar traffic. The police arrested 16.

Trump first announced that his administration would conduct nationwide raids in June, only to postpone the operation. Now they are scheduled to go ahead with weeks of notice.

The conviction was pronounced by a wide range of progressive organizations, including groups generally focused on issues outside the debate on immigration.

The eve Lights for Liberty protesting the raids brought together the Federation of American Teachers and sponsored by the Women's march. Young climate activists with the Sunrise movement Boston participated in a vigil to protest "inhumane conditions" in detention centers known as "concentration camps".

Bridgette Gomez, director of strategic partnerships at Planned Parenthood, the largest network of nonprofit reproductive health clinics in the United States, said, "These raids are a cruel, racist and dangerous extension of the already horrendous policy of the United States. Trump-Pence administration.

"As a health care provider at Planned Parenthood, we condemn immigration raids that deter immigrants seeking the care they need and deserve."

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