Important weather threat for Louisiana, Mississippi, Saturday

A strong upper and lower trough will move from central Texas east of Arkansas, from Saturday afternoon to Sunday morning. An accompanying cold front will cross the central coast of the Gulf. Heat, humidity, instability and wind shear are all factors that contribute to severe thunderstorms. These ingredients are more abundant than they were last weekend when two tornadoes fell in the weather forecast area of ​​13, Parish, 3 County. We must prepare for this event because the potential for storms is much higher than usual.

Showers and thunderstorms will begin to fire on Saturday in the late afternoon and will intensify rapidly in the evening. Initially, individual storm cells or groups develop before late gelling in grain line.

The Storm Prediction Center The outlook placed the northwestern corner of the local forecast area in an unusual and significant 4/5, "moderate risk" for severe thunderstorms. This means that widespread thunderstorms are likely to occur in the outlook area. Statistically, there is a 45% chance of encountering a severe thunderstorm within 25 miles (25 miles) of any given point in this forecast area. The rest of the area is in a 3/5 "increased risk" of severe weather where many severe thunderstorms are possible. Statistically, there is a 30% chance that you will encounter a severe thunderstorm within 25 miles (25 miles) of any given point in this forecast area.

The main threats of any severe thunderstorm will be gusts of wind and tornadoes. The most likely time for storms to deteriorate will be late Saturday afternoon and evening. More specifically, we are aiming for 5p Saturday to 1a Sunday for the worst weather conditions.

Heavy rains should not be a major problem in this scenario as the storm system is a fast engine. Showers may occur with storms, but total amounts must be manageable.

The threat of strong storms will quickly end in the west in early Sunday morning, probably before dawn. The sun and cooler temperatures are forecast for Sunday afternoon. The calm weather will persist until Tuesday.

Do not be scared, be prepared: Stay in touch with the forecasts this weekend, know your weather plan and have a way to receive alerts. Never rely on an outdoor siren; If this is your main way of hearing the warnings, you have little hope of hearing them inside. Install a NOAA weather radio at home or in your business and activate the free WBRZ WX application. on your Apple or Android device.

Identify the safest place in your home. Often a better room is a small room on the top floor, away from the windows and near the center of the house. If you live in a mobile home, you should leave and go into a solid structure when a watch is issued and stay there until the end of the threat. When a warning is issued, put on shoes with rigid soles, go to your shelter and cover your head until the threat has passed. In addition, keep your animals on a leash and bring them with you so that they are not separated.

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