Imported Egyptian dog missing at Leawood: police


CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story incorrectly indicated the health status of the missing dog. The dog was not tested positive for rabies and showed no signs of illness.

An imported Egyptian dog, possibly wearing a purple sweater, has escaped from his family home in Leawood this week and is wanted by police and health officials.

The dog was part of a group of 26 people imported from Egypt by Unleashed Pet Rescue in Mission in late January.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment said in a written statement on Wednesday that 25 dogs had been placed in foster care or had been adopted in the Kansas City area, but one fell sick and has been tested positive for rabies, a deadly viral disease for humans and animals.

Officials said late Wednesday that the missing dog had not tested positive for rabies but that one of the other dogs had tested positive for the disease.

The missing dog in Leawood is described as a medium-sized Caucasian dog wearing a purple sweater, the police said. The dog was last seen in the area of ​​103rd Street and Mission Road on Monday.

Anyone who has seen the missing dog is invited to call the Leawood Police Department at 913-642-7700.

A spokesman for Unleashed Pet Rescue said late Wednesday that attempts were underway to find the missing dog. The animal control officers were actively looking for the dog, and the police and animal shelter reiterated that the animal showed no sign of illness.

"Our biggest concern is the safety of the dog," said Jacob Meyer of Unleashed Pet Rescue, adding that the name of the missing dog is Hope.

Meyer also said that the other dog, Kim, who had tested positive for rabies had been euthanized earlier this week. Unleashed Pet Rescue issued a statement on Facebook Wednesday night.

"All Egyptian dogs return to Unleashed for an additional forty to one imposed prior to their transportation, and none of the other dogs have been tested positive for rabies. The dogs will receive extra boosters against rabies during this period, "said the rescue.

"We have followed all the proper procedures / rules for the importation of dogs and we are working with all the appropriate agencies."

The health department said the 26 dogs had health certificates and documents certifying that they had received the rabies vaccine in Egypt. But the agency requires that all dogs be brought back to the shelter for assessment and quarantine, as a precaution "for the safety of families, people and animals of the community and the remaining dogs".

Since one of the dogs has been tested positive for rabies, the agency is trying to determine the validity of the anti-rabies vaccination received in Egypt and how or if the dogs were quarantined before they were tested. to arrive in the United States.

"To our knowledge, none of the other 25 dogs has developed signs of rabies. All persons who have been in contact with the rabid dog have been notified, evaluated for exposure to rabies and, if deemed necessary, receive post-exposure rabies prophylaxis, "said the Department of Health. the health.

"People who have had contact with other Unleashed Pet Rescue dogs have not been exposed to rabies."

Other organizations participating in the survey include: the Johnson County Environmental and Health Department, the Kansas State University Rabies Laboratory, the Department of Agriculture of Kansas, Missouri Department of Health and Seniors Services, Missouri Department of Agriculture and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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