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Impressive American Airlines Wifi milestone

In many areas, I would say that the American Airlines product is the best in the industry. However, one area in which Americans have been very successful is the wifi in flight. Recently, Americans have taken a new step for which they deserve credit.

American now offers passengers high-speed satellite Wi-Fi access with more planes than any other airline. This is because the United States has just completed the process of modernizing its fleet of broadband wifi, which means that more than 700 aircraft now have satellite wifi.

All 737 Americans now have broadband wifi

American has three providers of wifi: Gogo, ViaSat and Panasonic. American's American fleet of coaches is divided between Gogo 2Ku and ViaSat Ka, while American's large fleet of aircraft is equipped with Panasonic's wifi. Panasonic's Wi-Fi on wide-body aircraft is not exactly at high speed, although the product on their narrow-body aircraft is.

You can now expect that if you fly an A320 or 737 family aircraft, you have a fast Wi-Fi connection.

However, not all planes received broadband wifi. Specifically, some MD-80, 757 and Embraer 190 do not have Wi-Fi broadband, these aircraft being removed in the coming months.

What is particularly impressive here is that the Americans have achieved most of their progress over the past year. It was only at the beginning of last year that they started this project. It is therefore impressive to quickly install broadband wifi on as many planes.

As I said, it's one of the few things that American Airlines does well. Personally, I have a preference for the ViaSat wifi, because I think it is a little faster, but the offers of Gogo 2Ku and ViaSat are excellent. The advantage of the Gogo offering is that T-Mobile customers still enjoy free Wi-Fi on their phones, while they do not use it on their ViaSat planes.

Now, if only American could run his flights on time, I would be very happy. 😉

The next step for American is to install power on each seat of its main fleet, as well as on its two-class regional jets. This is an area where they are terribly behind the competition.

American also installs tablet holders on the majority of its narrow-body aircraft. Since they do not offer personal television, they offer you at least one place to put the entertainment you bring on board. Yay?

The 767 of American are equipped with Panasonic's wifi technology

Bottom line

The wifi is an area in which Americans are doing well and I am impressed by the pace at which they have completed the process of installing high speed wifi. While many aspects of the US product leave much to be desired, the truth is that if I am on a US plane with a high-speed Wi-Fi connection, I am satisfied with my time.

My only wish is that Americans have opted for a faster Wi-Fi option on their jumbo jets. Although the Panasonic wifi is correct, it is not as good as that offered by Gogo 2Ku or ViaSat.

What was your experience with wifi on American flights?

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