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Imran Khan, former Head of Snap Strategy

The former Snap strategy manager believes that, if companies need to be wary of their competitors, they should not forget to focus on their customers.

Khan recently left Snap to create a new e-commerce company that would put him in direct competition with Amazon technology giant, who is expected to account for nearly half of the US online retail market. the end of the year.

"Big is not always better," he said. "If you look at the history of innovation, if the big one was always better, new companies would never be created."

Khan explained that, despite Amazon's massive presence, the US e-commerce market, as a percentage of total retail sales, was still limited. This left enough room for small businesses to innovate and take market share.

"I think you should always be very scared of your competition, but you should not let fear drive him," he said to the question of whether he was worried about Amazon.

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