In the midst of security concerns, Meghan Markle ends her busy trip to Morocco at 7 months of pregnancy


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry | Yui Mok - Pool / Getty Images
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry | Yui Mok – Pool / Getty Images

Meghan Markle is due to give birth in late April or early May. But that did not stop her from performing the incessant tasks that flow from the Duchess of Sussex. To this day, she and her Prince Harry are finishing their trip to Morocco for royal affairs.

The trip was aimed at strengthening ties between the United Kingdom and the North African country, with the aim of strengthening trade relations with countries outside the European Union after Brexit. To try to do this, the couple followed a complete itinerary that showed them many parts of Morocco.

Royal treatment

Upon arrival, the couple received a guard of honor. They were welcomed by the British ambassador to Morocco, as well as by other officials.

They received royal treatment and stayed in the royal palace of King Mohammed VI. When they arrived at At the palace, they were offered traditional gifts like dates and milk with orange blossom.

Security concerns

The week before the arrival of the royal family, riots erupted in Rabat following a protest by teachers demanding higher wages, according to CNN. In order to protect the couple, there was no walk in the visit, even though much of the original itinerary was not changed.

L & # 39; route

The couple went to a local school in Asni, where they heard about the Moroccan NGO Education for All, an organization that builds housing for girls aged 12 to 18. The NGO Education for All ensures "girls from rural communities in the High Atlas Mountains can access secondary education," reads in the release of Kensington Palace.

"They met the NGO's founder, Michael McHugo – who received an MBE from the UK's New Year honors list for his work on gender equality in education in Morocco – after which Meghan has took part in a traditional henna ceremony, "CNN reported.

Today's agenda included initiation to the development of equine therapy in the country to help children with special needs and a visit to a cooking school for underprivileged children.

Before the trip, the palace said that the royal couple was particularly excited about "the opportunity to meet so many young Moroccans". Not surprisingly, their days were filled with discussions and learning about the children in the area.

In addition to strengthening ties between the United Kingdom and Morocco, the trip also aimed to show "the work done to promote girls' education, empower young people and support children from disadvantaged backgrounds", according to the report. Kensington Palace.

Other notable activities include visiting the Andalusian gardens in Rabat and participating in a traditional henna ceremony. Markle's tattoo had a special meaning behind.

"The tradition of giving a tattoo to a pregnant woman during their third trimester is to bless mother and child, as well as to ward off evil spirits during labor," The Cheat Sheet group reported.

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