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In the wacky series numbers Padres-Rockies

Baseball has never seen a series comparable to that of four games played between the San Diego Padres and the Colorado Rockies this weekend at Coors Field. A record number of tracks, two epic returns, 15 hits – by a guy.

In case you missed it, the series went as follows:

Thursday: A relatively pedestrian 9-6 victory for the Rockies.

Friday: Hunter Renfroe made a breathtaking rally with three circuits on the clock and allowed the Padres to win 16-12.

Saturday: Charlie Blackmon's third consecutive four-game victory led Colorado to win 14-8.

Sunday: Another important return to San Diego for a 14-13 victory, with Jon Gray in the running at his first career appearance.

Here is an overview of the delusional aspects:

– The 92 races in total were the largest in a four-game series of the modern era (since 1900), surpassing the 88 marked by the Phillies and Brooklyn Dodgers in May 1929, according to research from the Elias Sports Bureau. The final count of the divided series: Rockies 48, Padres 44.

– While the Padres scored the most of their 44 assists in a four-game series, the Rockies' total of 48 was only the fourth on their most daring list.

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Charlie Blackmon becomes the first player of the modern era with 15 shots on a set of 4 games and only the third player since World War II to do so in any series.

– The teams have combined to get 131 hits, the highest number in a four-game series since 1922, with 15 – yes, 15 – coming from Blackmon only. It's the most of a player in a four-game series of the modern era. Blackmon entered the series by hitting .305; at the end of the series, his average was 336. As a team, the Rockies gained 10 points over their batting average.

– After hitting three homers on Friday, Renfroe added two more on Sunday. He increased his OPS from 0.877 to 0.952.

– Sunday's game was 9-8 Rockies after 2½ innings, and Colorado led 13-8 after 6am and 13-10 before the ninth. But Greg Garcia has created the tie with the Padres with a triple in two outings and two innings. The Rockies then chose to intentionally walk the next two batters, setting up a showdown between Gray and Matt Strahm, the hitter (and pitcher). Gray walked Strahm on six courses to mark the start.

This season, teams that have lost at least five points after the sixth inning are 3-251. Two of the three victories were won by San Diego in this series, the other Friday …

– The Padres were led 11-5 in the ninth inning, tied with a six-point shine including the third quarter of Renfroe's match and a single two-out Fernando Tatis Jr. to tie it up. San Diego scored five more goals in the 12th inning for the first franchise history win, tugging from behind by six or more points to enter the ninth inning. The Padres had been 0-766 in such situations, according to Elias research. They were also the first team on the road to win by entering the ninth streak by six points or more since May 2005. The teams on the road had been 0-3,805 over this period, according to Elias.

– The Padres were the first team to overcome the deficit by three or more points in the ninth inning or later in several games of the same series since the Astros made it to the Padres in 1989, according to research from # 39; Elias.

What could these teams do for a reminder? While the Rockies will make a few visits to Petco Park, it's not a hitter's paradise that is Coors. We will have to wait until September 13 and 15 for the return of the Padres to Colorado.

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