In this year's $ 100,000 Oscars gift bags

This year's Oscars swag is all about legal weeds, big trips and … fine toothbreaking?

The 25 nominated nominees in this year's Oscars actor and director categories will not receive all the gold statuettes, but will each receive a "Everyone wins" gift bag, courtesy of the marketing agency, Distinctive Assets. based in Los Angeles.

Although the founder of the company, Lash Fary, does not share the exact cost of all items, preferring to "celebrate the fun and festive character of the content" rather than the "impressive value of the bag", he told Forbes that each bag is easily worth six digits.

Nominees such as Lady Gaga and Emma Stone can expect to receive experiential articles, such as an adventure in small ships from the International Expeditions to the Amazon, the Galapagos, the United States. Iceland or Costa Rica (worth up to 20,000 USD per person), a stay of one week at the Avaton Luxury Villas Resort. in Greece, a trip to Malibu's 3D wellness retreat, a week at the Golden Door Wellness Center, stained glass portraits of John Thoman, an original artwork commissioned by Reian Williams, 10 sessions personal training with renowned trainer Alexis Seletzky, $ 30,000 in treatments and rejuvenation Dr. Konstantin Vasyukevich and a face-to-face session with Kalliope Barlis, expert in phobia treatment.

And that's just the beginning. Recipients of the chic satchel will also receive an annual VIP subscription to MOTA, Los Angeles's premier cannabis social club, Coda Signature edible products, commodities and concentrates, CBDRxSprépreme CBD oil and products the face impregnated with cannabis from High Beauty.

After all this green, the stars will be able to satiate their plates with a Yeti Cooler filled with Mexican soda Jarritos, A. Junod absinthe, Chocolatines and Good Girl Chocolate, Optimum Nutrition protein bars, Pepperidge Farm Milano biscuits , from Posh Pretzels, a red gift set maple syrup and southern lemonade.

They can also restock their wardrobe and make-up kit with AP4GooD and Happiest t-shirts, Blush & Whimsy lipstick, CloSYS oral care kit, Instytutum, MZ and Nannette de Gaspé gift box for Hair Miracle Hairdryer, Knotty Floss, Kusshi Bag, Le Céline False Eyelashes, Love Is Stronger Than Hate Bag, Millianna Accessories, Organic Hair Care Products, Oxygenetix Base, Multi Purpose Bag from The Green Garmento, Tru Niagen B3 Vitamins, a custom scent from Sue Phillips from Scenterprises, a TAPS for Hope Afghan Lapis Bracelet, ZuZu Kim Couture Bow Ties, a Salix Hair Inhibitor Lotion and a Vida Hair Growth System.

Last, but not least, the nominees will also choose a Safety Dog Leash, "The Beauty Book for Brain Cancer", Soul Shropshire Candles, a three-month subscription to WSJ magazine, an Agent for Animals spy pen. from PETA and a Mr Caca diver.

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