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Viral video

Sex, make pairs of passengers on the road to the beach, video passersby

Sitting on the roadside at Nariman Point in Mumbai, the couple were making love, the video was taken by passersby and this video goes viral on behalf of Nariman Point. This time, this video is the focus of discussion, Nariman Point of the financial capital of Mumbai Mumbai is considered a very classy area. Despite this, the video of sexually exploited people raises many questions about the police. While the video is clearly seen, the couple in love is establishing a bond between them and the duo of lovers must leave from there only after the police car has come from there. On the other side.

This video is from Thursday when Mumbai was raining heavily. These videos are from a foreign couple, who lost this season with the time that started to make porn on the road. He also sat in the middle of the road. People there, they found their objection was strange. Many people tried to stop them but the two did not stop. And then they began to beg each other to open each other's clothes. The people present captured all this scene in their camera.

When the foreign couple did not stop, someone called the Marine Drive police station. When the police came, they both separated. Later, he gave them a good shot and warned them to stop.