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Apr 19, 2019-

Jet Airways' decision to suspend all operations has left many passengers flying to and from Nepal through the airline in a bind.

Travel agencies in Nepal are scrambled to find alternate flights for local Jet Airways passengers, after the embattled carrier's decision on Wednesday. The announcement came after the debt-ridden airline, one of India's largest, ran out of cash and failed to inject additional funds from lenders.

Kathmandu-Delhi road trip in the last few weeks. Some travel agencies in India said that they were already in India through Jet Airways. But the complete cancellation of all flights to the world, which are now facing difficulties in getting their customers on flights to Indian cities.

"This was completely unexpected," said Sabita Karki of President Travels. "No circular was ever sent to us, even hinting that this would happen. We found about the shutdown through media reports. "

Karki says fares for flights to Delhi from Kathmandu have surged astronomically. One-way fare to Delhi, which used to hover between Rs 12,000 and 15,000, has now tripled to almost Rs 45,000. Currently, Nepal Airlines, Air India, and the Indian budget airline Indigo have daily flights to Delhi. Bhutan Airlines and Druk Airways, which began in Kathmandu-Delhi this year, have brought some relief to passengers by Jet Airways. However, these airlines have closed the door forcing passengers to choose from a limited pool of expensive seats on the Kathmandu-Delhi route.

Indian airports just across the border. They have been flying to Bhadrapur in Eastern Nepal and then catching up to their destination from Baghdad airport, across the border in West Bengal, said Samir Barakoti of the Kathmandu-based Flight Connection.

Only those who have flexible travel dates are rescheduling. Those who can not afford to have their flights compiled to fly business class. Some local travel agencies said they had already started redirecting new bookings through other airlines, Jet Airways.

"Said Barakoti." "We're talking about two weeks ago," said Barakoti.

Ishu Dhakras, a native of Kathmandu, who said it was between Nepal and India, said her brother-in-law had to pay an exorbitant fare to Kathmandu after the shutdown. He had initially booked to Jet Airways flight, which got canceled. Now she is worried about Kathmandu next month from Mumbai, she says. Jet Airways and Nepal Airlines are the only carriers with daily flights to Mumbai.

"We might fly to Delhi first and then take a trip to Kathmandu," said Dhakras. "Nepal Airlines is not always reliable with its unannounced cancellations and delays."

An official at the Jet Airways office in Kathmandu said they found out about the temporary shutdown of operations around the same time. The official said that they have received an email from the head office in India to speak with the media, and direct all of them to their office in Mumbai. The head office, however, did not reply to the Post's request for comment.

"Since this is not a problem, it is important that we take care of the future. Consequently, with immediate effect, Jet Airways is entitled to cancel all its international and domestic flights, "the airline said in a statement on Wednesday.

But another Nepali employee at the Jet Airways Kathmandu office said that the recent shutdown had not affected their work much.

"There are no talks about layoff, and we are at work as usual," said the employee, requesting anonymity since it was not authorized to speak to the media. "This is just temporary."

Published: 20-04-2019 07:00

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