Indian student sentenced to 10 years in prison for damaging computers


Vishwanath Akuthota, a 27-year-old Indian student, has been living in New York for a long time on a student visa. He was pleaded guilty of intentionally damaging more than 50 computers in a college. The total damage amounted to 58,000 USD. The incident took place in Albany, the capital of New York State, and the damage was caused by the insertion of a "USB Killer" device.

He was arrested in North Carolina and has been in custody since February 2019. He will be liable to a term of imprisonment of up to 10 years from the month of August. three years.

The student was guilty of damaging computers belonging to the College of St Rose, said American lawyer Grant Jaquith. It was reported that the student had intentionally inserted a USB destructor into 66 computers and that the device would send a command causing the fast loading and unloading of the PC's built-in capacitors.

This, in turn, will overload the capacity and destroy the USB port and the electrical system of the computer. Vishwanath intentionally caused damage while registering with his iPhone. He was also heard saying "I'm going to kill this guy" in the video.

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