Indiana AD Fred Glass apologizes to Purdue and warns fans against their behavior

Purdue's center, Matt Haarms, is described as the No. 1 public enemy after being the subject of scandalous scandals and profane chants of his rival's mob, Indiana, on Tuesday night. .

Haarms had the last word when his decisive goal with 3.2 seconds left the Boilermakers N ° 15 to win a 48-46 victory.

A day later, however, the conduct of the IU student body was still a topic of discussion. Hoosiers Sports Director Fred Glass apologized to his Purdue counterpart Mike Bobinski and sent an e-mail to season ticket holders to warn them of their behavior.

"The profane chants directed against a specific Purdue player were not part of your positive contributions," Glass wrote, according to the Indianapolis Star newspaper. "They were embarrassing and unacceptable and have a bad image of you and the Indiana University." Stop the profane chants and help those around you to do the same.You and the University of Indiana, you're better than that. "

Haarms became the crowd's strike bag when he landed on the ground after locking his arms with De Ron Davis at the end of the first half. After the referees evaluated each player with a foul, the 7-foot-3 Dutchman was derided at every game in which he was involved.

So when Haarms fired his third foul with 13:36 to go in the game and took up a technique while he and Davis continued to fight for the lost ball, the crowd again broke into taunts and scandals.

Alan Henderson, former star of Hoosiers, was among those who criticized the behavior of the fans:

Associated Press contributed to this report.

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