Indiana Pacers block Phoenix Suns for second consecutive victory on the road

The Indiana Pacers defeated the Suns in the second half of the second half for their second straight victory on the road.

The Indiana Pacers had a solid 13-point lead midway through the third quarter. That was until the Suns, at the back of T.J. Warren (25 points) took over again to take a four-point lead in the fourth quarter. The match fell to the water but the Pacers managed to make enough passes to win a win against the thrilling Phoenix Suns.

The Pacers were once again without Victor Oladipo, whose absence is evident when the Pacers are in offense. Without Oladipo, the Pacers simply would not have the drive to get things done without a creative offensive, effortlessly, and without heavy shots (the Pacers had all three tonight.)

The Pacers are modest 3-2 without Vic on the season but they need him. I'm fed up with Cory Joseph's inflatable balloons at the end of the shot clock.

Oh, and slow as molasses, Darren Collison did that at first pick in the repechage, whose name does not deserve mention after the torture suffered at the left ankle:

Phoenix Suns


Indiana Pacers


Myles Turner hate, take a seat

Myles Turner undoubtedly played her best game of the season one night after playing the best game of the season. His 16 points, 13 rebounds and five (!!!) blocks were essential to ensure Pacer's victory. Turner's also featured in the clutch, scoring a three to give Indiana a lead over his time.

His defense was fantastic. Turner did his part to make the Suns uncomfortable at the edge. Turner's only presence around the basket was angry veneers that hid the saturnine impression that any sun was not going to put that bullet in the bucket when Myles was nearby. His defense on the perimeter was excellent, switching with skillful feet and a refined technique.

Dougie does damage in the south

After his Thanksgiving illumination, Doug McDermott finally seemed to find his rhythm. His presence on the ground was invaluable for the Pacers tonight. He burned the net for the second night in a row, making five assists in three to 21 points in the night, leading Indiana to score.

His gravitational, sun-like attraction running around the screens like a chicken with his severed head (which happens to be a three-point shooter) distorts the defense and creates openings for himself and for others.

McDermott's defense was certainly not good (he made Josh Jackson a good player in the NBA tonight, which is rather disturbing), but his efforts were right and he did a solid job at night.

Pacers potentially online for a big round of wins ahead

The next six opponents of the Pacers are the Lakers, Kings, Bulls, Magic, Kings and Wizards. They will then face off against two rivals from the Eastern Conference in Milwaukee and Philadelphia before returning to the basement to face the Knicks, Cavs, Nets, Wizards and Hawks. Currently sitting at 13-8, the Pacers are in a strong position, especially because of their recent injury problems. If things go well, the Pacers could seriously engage in the coming weeks.

Rather disjointed, class time!

DeAndre Ayton's disrespectful Ankle Brace needs to raise this rank. But in reality, Collision played a good game controlling the offense by scoring 11 points and 11 assists.

Bogey was not there tonight, as Doug McDermott stole a lot of the star on the wing. Still, the best shooter in the league, as proclaimed Quinn Buckner, hit a corner corner three points to make ice for Indiana.

Put a typical text on the kindness of the young man and how the team would collapse if he left (happy, Tony?)

Man, was Turner fantastic or what (where are you, "or what", people?) More than his skill in attack, his suffocating defensive presence raised Indiana in many ways.

Domantas Sabonis is still an absolute weapon on the offensive glass and could well be the most handsome man in the NBA. He lost 21 points and 16 boards, including 7 offensives. Despite its offensive prowess, defense is always a problem, people.

Evans has taken too many bad things and made too many stupid games. Four flights, that's fine, but five turnovers and eight points only are not.

Cojo was effective in defense and scored seven assists. However, the chicken egg on the offensive was not beautiful (stop the controversial pull-ups of 20 feet, please!)

You see what happens when you pass the ball to this glorious man ?!

Leaf's net score of +13 led the team.

Following: Someone please pass the ball to Doug McDermott

The next Pacers match will be Thursday against the Los Angeles Lakers, led by Lance Stephenson.

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