Indiana teachers were shot with pellets during an active fire drill, according to a union


To what extent should active shooter training be realistic?

This is not as realistic as an exercise at an Indiana elementary school in January, according to teachers, whose union says they were shot with plastic film that caused marks, cuts and bruises.

The teachers' experience at Meadowlawn Elementary School in Monticello, Indonesia, was detailed by a representative of their union during their testimony before state legislators this week. The union advocated a provision prohibiting trainers from shooting shooting school personnel or students with any type of projectile during safety drills.

During the active shooting exercise, "four teachers at a time were taken to a room, they were ordered to squat and were executed in the same manner as projectiles, which was caused wounds such as welts and blood was removed. union, the Indiana State Teachers Association, wrote on Twitter during the hearing.

"The teachers were terrified but they were told not to tell anyone," the union said. "The teachers who were waiting outside and hearing the shouting were brought into the room four at a time and the filming process was repeated."

She said that she had learned the exercise only when her bill had been passed, but that she would work with colleagues to try to add an appropriate language so to protect teachers during safety drills.


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