Infinity Ward legend Jason West apparently works for Epic Games

Epic Respawn

Epic Games does not only make waves in the field of digital distribution, it is now recruiting big names. According to one Recent Tweet Geoff KeighleyJason West (co-founder of Infinity Ward and Respawn Entertainment) has been working for Epic for about a month now. Although his name may not be widespread, his work speaks louder than himself. Call of Duty should be familiar to everyone but West was also responsible for getting the Fall of the Titans taken off the ground (he left Respawn in 2013 before publication).

Epic has apparently engaged West on for his game development efforts. If that means constantly tweaking Fortnite or maybe creating a new IP address is unknown, but that can only mean good things. West's experience with shooters development is pretty brilliant and with Epic focusing primarily on gun games, West will certainly be a good choice.

All I can think about is that West gets his hands on Unreal tournament. It would certainly be an epic turn of events … Get it? … Because of the name of the company … It does not matter.

Geoff Keighley [Twitter]

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