Influenza Attack! How a virus invades your body Krufich Wonders | NPR

When you catch the flu, viruses turn your cells into tiny factories that help spread the disease.

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In this animation, NPR's Robert Krulwich and medical animator David Bolinsky explain how an influenza virus can trick a single cell into making a million more viruses.

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Credit: Robert Krulwich, David Bolinsky, Jason Orfanon



  1. And all this was created by an explosion? (Big bang) umm no. Im sure there is a creator.

  2. Virus with one pack of bubble

  3. Cure found in Honeysuckle flower ( tea )
    It works im proof

  4. You cant tell me scientist with todays technology cant pin point virus strains with DNA codes and know how to use a cells protein in the advantage of a cure ?? I call bullshit they have the cures for Influenza but wont release them to the public because it would send Big pharmas multi trillon dollar empire crashing down ! Shame on you so called scientist !! Where the fuck are your morals !!

  5. He says most of the time… because some times your immune system doesn't work quick enough and lots of viruses spread through your body and kill you

  6. It’s like the cells and viruses are in a war

  7. "The G-virus has the ability to revitalize cellular functions."

  8. I swear to god I sneezed at the same time as that guy on the start

  9. The slurping shit was the most misleading moronic thing ive ever see. The IS doesnt just fucking slurp up a virus L0LLLLL npr is cancer

  10. "unfortunate man's nose"
    Unfortunate..unfortunate… with such large nostrils, luck has nothing to with it !

  11. Was this narrated for children or just Americans?

  12. I am just trying hard not to like any comment with flu or sick written subconscious mind if u know what I mean

  13. How does a Plague Inc. type virus work?

  14. This is why i hate when nasty folks sneeze and cough without using their elbow or a tissue

  15. White blood cells are probably my most favourite cell. I think i am the only one who has a fave cell XD. Thats sad.

  16. When I heard that slurp sound I thought my wife was under my desk

  17. this stupid virus is always hunting me whenever my immune system drops a certain value gauge by how tired my body is.. I need a good quality sleep which is 8 hours per day.. and keep my immune systems top notch all the time.. I really hate it when flu gets me.. massive headache, never ending snot, sneeze etc.. this virus is like an old football player that still does not wanted to retire.. what a bummer..

  18. This video kind of sucks because the narrator doesn't explains well

  19. I'm watching this because I'm having a flu and it sucks so hard!!!

  20. Ohh. . You did it while he was sleeping. .?

  21. how do they see where they are going? there is no light inside our bodies.. its completely dark wtf.

  22. Casually watching this while sick

  23. This is why viruses aren't living beings. They depended on a host for their viability.

  24. I hate that one retarded throat cell that let the virus enter my body.

  25. when my nose is blocked i just have a meltdown cause cant breathe normally lmao is it only me

  26. It is ironic that the smartest on the planet is one of the tiniest things that has absolutely no brain and it is not even alive. Suddenly I wonder if everything we have learned was just a illusion.

  27. Our bodies are just giant eco systems for microscopic life. Its fascinating to me how complex it all is, are we alive? or is it they who are alive and built themselves a vessel in which to survive.

  28. In medical terms… stooopid mothafuckin cell!!!!!

  29. This is why i bought a gas mass… and they call me an idiot and I was once one of those 940 dislike until i start to coint how much money i lost going to hospital and get admitted for being sick really sick…

  30. This is why I bought a Gas mass…. and they call me idiot….

  31. Why is this creeping me out?

  32. And you're telling me there's no God?
    Phah, those things don't just pop out in existence people.

  33. I could swear that that sneezing guy was in my science book years ago when I was in school, like 5+ years ago. It was a pic of him sneezng and it looked awful. Like he was spraying from his nose…. "Rumors say he still sneezing to this day."?
    Wow… So true. ???