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Google is about to show the world its vision of the future of the game, but many details about Google's online gambling broadcast platform were leaked just before the event. We have known for a long time that Google plans to integrate high-end games with virtually any device that can manage an Internet browser application and have access to decent cellular or Wi-Fi data transmission speeds. Google even performed a test service. But the company did not reveal all its secrets during the beta version of Project Stream last fall.

according to KotakuGoogle will focus primarily on the streaming platform. Google wants high-end games to be accessible to players, regardless of platform, with support for Windows 10, Mac, Chrome, TVs, Android and iPhone.

Google will also unveil a controller for this particular project, which will include streaming features. This means that you may be able to access the streaming platform on a TV even if there is no game equipment connected to it.

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The platform will also offer some smart features, which are not available anywhere else in the game world, according to the report:

You watch your favorite Twitch streamer play a game, and you think it looks cool, then you buy it, and then, if the game's developers have switched that feature, you can download a file backup that will let you start your streamer was playing. Or maybe it's a multiplayer game, and you can buy the game and immediately go to a match with the streamer, if the developers allow it and if the streamer is stopped.

Another notable feature is the integration of YouTube. You may be able to buy a game directly from a YouTube ad. More interestingly, you'll be able to load the right location into a YouTube procedure once Google recognizes your position in the game.

In addition to high-end games from other developers, you'll also have access to Google titles. The company's Yeti game unit is headed by former PlayStation and Xbox executive Phil Harrison.

That said, we do not know how much the game streaming service will cost at launch, nor what games will be available at the start. But we have what appears to be the service logo – see the picture above.

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