Inhofe puts Trump directly on defense bill in overheard conversation

Senator Jim Inhofe today told President Trump that he is unlikely to get two big wishes in the current defense spending legislation, yelling into his cell phone: “This is the only chance to do pass our bill, “said a source who overheard part of their conversation. Axios.

Why is this important: Republicans are ready to test whether Trump’s threats to veto the bill, which has been passed every year for more than half a century, are empty.

The backstory: Inhofe told Trump – over a loudspeaker as he walked through the Russell Senate Building – that the bill would not meet his demand to repeal liability protections for tech companies, or to block them. efforts to rename military bases after Confederate figures.

  • The White House declined to comment. Inhofe’s office did not respond to a request for comment.

What we hear: Inhofe, who is leading negotiations on the National Defense Authorization Act as chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, addressed “Mr. the president ”before making his“ only chance ”comment on a noon call.

  • The source could not help but overhear the conversation due to speaker volume.

The backdrop: Many Republican lawmakers tell Axios that while the technological liability element, Section 230, needs to be reformed, it doesn’t make sense to tie language unrelated to the NDAA.

  • Inhofe told reporters on Wednesday, but said the provision “had nothing to do with the military.”
  • “You can’t do it in this bill,” Inhofe said, adding that he passed this on to Trump.
  • Many also believe they have the necessary votes to overturn a presidential veto, if necessary.
  • Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) quote tweeted Trump’s veto threats earlier today and wrote, “I’ll vote to override it. Because it’s really not about you.”

The bottom line: Members of both sides are eager to push through this legislation so they can move on to a government spending bill, due on December 11, and provide coronavirus relief.

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