Injuries reported when flight to JFK strikes "extreme turbulence"



An international flight to JFK airport experienced Saturday an "extreme turbulence", causing injuries among passengers and the crew of the aircraft.

Airport officials said News 12 This Turkish flight 001 from Istanbul, Turkey, encountered turbulence as it approached JFK airport.

They stated that at least two dozen passengers and crew members had been injured. The FDNY then tweeted that 32 passengers were being treated for life-threatening injuries.

Spokesman Steve Coleman of the Port Authorities of New York and New Jersey told The Associated Press that four passengers had been taken to a hospital after the landing of the aircraft at 5:35 pm. One of them had a broken leg and others had bumps, bruises and cuts.

Earlier Saturday, a Montreal-Florida flight had had to land at the Newark Liberty International Airport urgently due to the possible presence of smoke or fire in the cargo hold of the aircraft. Two people were slightly injured during this incident and flights were delayed at the airport all day.

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