Instagram becomes more accessible


Instagram introduces a new feature into its applications to make the platform more accessible to visually impaired users. The company introduces a new feature optimized by the machine language that will automatically describe the contents of an image to users using screen readers. The feature uses object recognition technology to automatically detect image content, as well as a rough idea of ​​what is happening in the image to make Instagram more and more accessible to users.

Of course, the functionality may not always be perfect, which is why Instagram also allows users to enter custom Alt text for all their publications describing their publication to the visually impaired. This feature already exists on platforms such as Twitter and is a great way to make sure no one is forgotten.

Instagram, among all social networks, is the last place where you expect to be accessible to visually impaired users. And it's really nice to see Instagram strive to make that change and support all of its visually impaired users.

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