Instagram Moody Trend Stock Photo | Sunflower field | Brandon Woelfel Moody Retouching photos in Photoshop


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Basic shortcuts used in this video
Ctrl + A (Select All)
Ctrl + C (to copy)
Ctrl + V (to paste)
Ctrl + T (free transformation)
Ctrl + U (Hue / Saturation)
Ctrl + M (Curves)
Ctrl + L (Levels)
Ctrl + Z (Cancel)

Before arriving at the editing, the most important thing is photography. Yes, your photo you are going to edit must be perfectly captured with a perfect angle and in a perfect pose you can edit this photo to make it more beautiful. Well, in this video, I showed how to change the image as a trendy Instagram photo in Photoshop. How to edit photos using adobe lightroom also in my tutorials. So, thank you for looking at all the types of things you really are looking for and gaining expertise in your photo editing and video editing skills.
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