Instagram wants you to look like a good person, but Facebook just wants your credit card


The purchases on Instagram have been growing and Mark Zuckerberg explained that allowing more commerce on Instagram is a priority for 2019. But, the company seems to have started with a bit of a Trojan to remove a little The horse Trojan is very interesting: Donate to charity through Instagram Story Stickers.

To be fair, a donation sticker that makes it easy to give money to non-profit organizations and charities is a good thing, and the Facebook version of this sticker has already helped to collect more money. One billion dollars. The addition of this option to Instagram should help a lot of good organizations in the long run. But it is important to remember the ultimate goal of Instagram and its parent company Facebook: make money. So making sure people add their credit cards to make a donation to a charity is also a good way to make sure this card is archived if Instagram provides a product they might want to buy.

A code to create a donation sticker in Instagram was found in the app and a Facebook spokesperson confirmed to TechCrunch that these plans were in preparation and could be launched in the coming months. However, it is probably best for users to remember Facebook's efforts to collect user data and how they have breached their privacy before deciding to give them your credit card number.

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