Instagram would have tested the new Threads mail application


Facebook and Instagram have been trying to launch new, separate apps, focused on one or more features in the past, such as Facebook Poke and Instagram Direct. It seems now that Facebook will try to launch another application related to Instagram.

Facebook would be working on an application called Threads, which acts as a complementary application to Instagram. according to The edgeThreads is designed to share your location, speed, and battery life with your "close friends," as well as text, photos, and videos. A main feed will allow you to see messages, updates and even Instagram stories from your friends.

The application will offer an automatic sharing which, if you join, will regularly update your status so that your friends can see your location, your speed and other information. Your real-time location will not necessarily be shared, but the app will show something as if a person was "on the go". You can also update your status manually if you wish.

You can see screenshots of the Threads shown below.

Instagram Threads Screenshots Illustrations

It is said that the Threads application is being tested in Facebook. It is unclear when it could be launched and, as with other unannounced products, there is a chance that the project will be killed even before it was created.

We often see apps borrow ideas from one to the other, including Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, and this seems to be what Facebook is doing with this Threads app. Even though Instagram already has built-in email, this Threads app seems to prioritize messaging and sharing with your friends, launching you directly into your feed with your friends' status updates and allowing automatic sharing, letting the friends see what you want. you are about to start a discussion with you about it.

In the past, Facebook and Instagram have not had much success with their derived applications, but Facebook hopes to change that and steal some Snapchat users with this Threads app. Does Threads look like an application you would use?

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