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Instagram Stories conquered, but he loses the battle for the next video formats. TikTok explodes with a vertical flow one by one suggested by an algorithm, with user videos that remix the clips from each other. The Snapchat Discover 2 x infinity grid has become a canvas for multimedia magazines, thematic video collections and premium mobile TV shows.

Instagram's IGTV … looks like a flop in comparison. Launched a year ago, it is filled with viral wastes that are roughly grown and imported from all over the Web. The long-form video hub that resides in both a home screen button in Instagram and in a standalone application has failed to host longer vertical content and unavoidable. According to Sensor Tower, the IGTV app has only 4.2 million installations worldwide, including 7,700 new ones per day, which is less than half a percent of Instagram users who downloaded it. IGTV does not rank in the overall rankings and ranks very poorly at the No. 191 ranking of photo and video applications in the United States, according to App Annie.

Now, Instagram has quietly revisited the IGTV space design in its main application to replicate what works for its two main competitors. The new design was highlighted in last week's announcements for Invent Surveys new shopping and IGTV discovery experiences. Explore Will Will Ruben told us that with the new design, "The idea is that it's more immersive and that it helps you to see the full range of videos in IGTV rather than the horizontal scrolling interface that existed before, but the company refused to answer the following questions about it.

IGTV has dropped the tabs of its category navigation system such as "For you", "Follow", "Popular" and "Continue to watch" for a single stream of algorithmically suggested videos, much like TikTok. This offers a more entertaining experience, "just show me something fun," which relies on Instagram's artificial intelligence to analyze your behavior and recommend content instead of imposing a burden of choice on the viewer.

IGTV also abandoned its tricky horizontal scrolling concept that still allowed playing a clip in the top half of the screen. You will now vertically scroll through a grid of 2 x infinite clips recommended in what looks like a Snapchat discovery feed. Once you've had a first video that automatically reads at the top, you'll find a full-screen grid of things to watch. You will only see horizontal scrolling in the standalone IGTV application or if you are running an IGTV video, then press the Browse button to search for a next clip while the last one is at the top.

Instagram seems to be trying to overlap the designs of its two competitors. The problem is that TikTok Stream one at a time is ideal for short catchy videos that go straight to the point. If you get bored after five seconds, move on to the next. IGTV's attention to the long form means that its videos could start too slowly to catch your attention if they were automatically played full-screen in the stream rather than chosen by the viewer. However, Snapchat makes the most of IGTV's two row-based previews, as professional publishers take the time to create compelling cover vignettes to promote their content. IGTV's focus on independent creators means that fewer people have worked hard to create great cover images, so viewers must rely on a screenshot and a caption.

Instagram is in the process of prototype a number of other features to boost engagement in its application, as has discovered the Reverse Engineering Specialist and the frequent TechCrunch, Jane's tipster. Manchun Wong. These include options for blowing up a direct message to all your close friends at a time but in individual message threads, see a separator between notifications and like that you have or have not seen, or post a Cat sticker Stories that allow friends to join a group thread on this content. And to better compete with TikTok, it can leave you add self-adhesive lyrics Stories that appear word-for-word synchronized with the Instagram-licensed musical soundtrack feature, and share music stories on Facebook. We did not see any reframing tool for IGTV that would help users reformat landscape videos. The vertical-only restriction retains a lot of interesting content outside of IGTV, or mailboxes with black color-matched backgrounds, or style captions even with video as a very small slice in the middle.

When I spoke with Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom last year, a few months after the launch of IGTV, he said, "It's a new format. It's different. We have to wait for people to adopt it and it takes time. . . All that is good starts small.

But to gain momentum, IGTV needs to show just how much a long video in portrait mode can give us a deeper insight into the nuances of the influencers and the topics we care about. Society has rightly given priority to other motivations such as safety and well-being with features that hide bullying and deter abuse. But my advice from August is still valid, despite all the ground lost in the meantime. "Focus on teaching creators how to find what works in the format and encourage them to make money and traffic. Develop IGTVs not to be missed and feed a viral blockbuster. Prove the gravity of the extended vertical video, focused on the personality. As long as the content is not correct, the way IGTV presents it does not matter.

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