Integrating Apple Music into Google's home appliances


Apple Music will soon be available as an option on Google Home devices, according to an image shared by MacRumeurs Jason player.

We were able to locate the Apple Music list within the Google Home app for iOS devices, but for now, it can not be linked to a Google Home device.

In previous versions of Google software, Apple Music was listed in a separate section "Limited Availability" of the application and also in the section "Available only on iOS devices". The updated list suggests that Apple could soon make Apple Music an option available for Google Assistant assisted reading on Google Home devices, much as it did with Amazon Echo.

Back in December Apple Music available on Amazon's Echo speaker line, which allows using Alexa voice commands to control Apple Music reading.

the Apple Music The list seems to be relatively new and, since it does not work, it suggests a future feature.

Apple Music The extension to the speakers of Google Home would make Apple's music service more accessible to all of the most popular smart home speakers currently available, expanding access beyond from HomePod Many other music services are available on Google Home, including Spotify, Pandora, Google Play Music, YouTube Music and Deezer.

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