Intel completes the development of its computing cards


Computing cards were first introduced by Computex at Intel in 2017. The underlying concept of the product was to have all the computing power needed for a device – CPU, RAM, storage, and so on. These cards would then be interchangeable, allowing a person to quickly upgrade their desktops, laptops or other devices in just minutes. Rather than exchanging parts individually or letting a machine slowly fall behind modern devices, the Compute Card makes it easy to update technologies.

One of Intel's partners, NexDock, has expressed some frustration with the abandonment of computer cards. In a blog, the company said it had taken them more than a year to develop software that would allow its NexPad computer to work with Intel 's modular devices. The machine finally ready, Intel stops supporting compute cards and eliminates any possibility of evolution that would have been the main selling point of NexPad.


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