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International & # 39; Do you have a post-credit scene?

It's been seven years since Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones played in "Men in Black 3", their apparent last confrontation with the franchise. It is now time for Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson to launch us for the first time. A generation of secret agents in "Men in Black: International". This movie is what we call a gentle reboot. The previous three films have all been produced in the past of this new film, but we are now focusing on a new series of characters, with only the hilarious agent of Emma Thompson O connecting the past to the present.

This new "Men in Black" takes us to the branch office in London, where we follow Chris Hemsworth's agent H and Tessa Thompson's agent M, who face a new threat to the Earth, which could involve a mole in MIB.

"Men in Black: International" is clearly Sony's attempt to revive an aging franchise. Although no other film in the series has been announced, it is safe to assume that plans are in place to launch the next film if it turns out to be profitable enough to justify more. . We are deeply rooted in the era of franchise filmmaking, with most of the major movies being built with a sequel to the mind, many even going as far as to tease out possible hypothetical franchise brackets in the current movie – and no, it's not just a cartoon movie.

So the question is, as always, "Does Men in Black: International" contain a medium or post-credits scene that teases the future of this series or, instead, at least one more joke?

The answer is no. "Men in Black: International" has no scene after credits or any other element of bonus content after the start of the credits. So, while we certainly encourage you to be content with the credits, which is a symbolic gesture of gratitude for the large number of people who brought the film to life, you can safely leave the theater without missing a thing in your life. to the bathroom or just get out of there for another reason.

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