Internet is ready to die for Ikumi Nakamura, the best person at E3


I have watched many E3 presentations since my time and even when it's good to press, you always feel that things seem a bit forced or choreographed. Maybe that's why Ikumi Nakamura's memoir tonight (Okami, Bayonetta) when Bethesda announced GhostWire: Tokyo has people so excited. She does not look like the usual people of E3.

For one thing: his outfit is pure fire. This is worth noting because E3 is usually a sea of ​​suits with T-shirts underneath. Nakamura seems to be dressed for the occasion, which I like very much.

Nakamura also has charm. You can say that she is excited to be up there, talk to people and show off her new game. Her exaggerated and vivid mannerisms seem natural, which is rather rare to see at the moment. E3. Usually, it seems that people do not know where to put their hands, which makes their observation painfully painful. Nakamura admits she's nervous – but she plays it so well that you have to ask her to overcome it so she can tell you more about the game. It was not a presentation. It was like a friend telling me a good story about something nice they were working on. Nakamura made me smile, which is a rare reaction on my part when I watch the news of E3.

My God, I mean, just look at how Nakamura finished his presentation of GhostWire: Tokyo, which is described at the top of this post. Who do this? How could you not fall in love with her? She is the best and I buy all the games she works on. I am not the only person to have this feeling:


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