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Bungie is ready to talk Destiny 2Season's Drifter, including the next goods of what was once called the Joker's Wild Expansion. These plans include what will be both a free seasonal update for Destiny 2 and new content such as Gambit Prime and The Reckoning, exclusive to annual pass buyers.

Premium content begins with Gambit Prime, which increases the difficulty of Gambit mode, but in a shorter, one-part experience with unique new features. Annual pass players will bounce between Gambit Prime week-to-week changes and Reckoning's new PvE mode, located inside the ship and the mysterious Drifter's "ball". back in Gambit Prime. In addition, new stories and stories related to Drifter and Nine will be littered throughout.

Destiny 2 Players without the Annual Pass will also have something to expect in the Drifter season. Bungie will release a ton of new content between March and May, including new Gambit cards, new vanity rewards, new Triumphs and legend books, and more. Progress will also be a goal, with increased power levels and new events in which to rank. Bungie also plans to offer a new exotic quest open to all players. Rewards should not be rare.

As part of his introduction to Season of the Drifter, Bungie also updated his Destiny 2: Abandoned infographic of the road map, with the season of opulence, which will run from June to August, having been expanded. A new raid and a six-player activity are in preparation for the opulence season, and Bungie has listed two mysterious entries called "[Redacted]"To intrigue players curious to know what destinyThe future will be as after the split of Activision and Bungie.

For the moment, however, attention remains focused on Destiny 2Season of the Drifter and its course. In Bungie 's Season of the Drifter, Season of the Drifter will be launched on March 5th with the opening of Gambit Prime and the first level of Reckoning. The Gambit Prime cards will alternate from week to week: March 12, March 19, March 26 and April 2. Thorn's quest for Thorn's allegiance on March 12th, titled "Invitations of the Nine," will be unveiled on March 15th. , then the beginning of The Revelry event on April 16th.

For those who are curious about the frequency of the term Season of the Drifter and the near absence of Joker's Wild, Bungie seems to avoid using this last term. Perhaps it is related to trademark problems with the studio's unused partnership with Activision, or perhaps it is simply Bungie's desire to focus on expanding individual premiums. In any case, Joker's Wild is now referred to as the content of the annual Drifter Season Pass.

Destiny 2 is now available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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