iOS 12.2 adds new subscription discount options for developers and Apple releases Siri Shortcuts design resources

iOS 12.2 Beta 3 has just been dropped and contains some adjustments for the user, as we reported here. For developers, there are new reduction options for self-renewing subscriptions.

Apple has also released a set of design resources for Siri Shortcuts, for iOS and watchOS. The company also released the SF Compact Rounded font for developers, which is used in many places in watchOS.

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Until now, developers could offer launch discounts or free trials when subscribing for a subscription. However, these discounts were controlled by the App Store Connect server and could only be used once.

If a user cancels his application, the application will have no opportunity to induce a discount subscription down the line.

These features are now enabled by a new API in iOS 12.2. Applications will be able to offer price reductions for auto-renewing subscriptions to existing and previously subscribed users.

For example, if a customer cancels his application, the app may submit a free 3 month incentive to encourage them to subscribe again.

Rebates can take the form of a free period, a fixed price for a subscription renewal of another duration (for example, to buy 6 months in advance for a cost lower than the monthly renewal cost), or simply a lower price for a given period.

Apple is already using this type of discount to increase the number of Apple Music subscribers. Developers can find out more about how they can soon offer similar promotions.

Regarding Siri Shortcuts, Apple has released a handful of templates to help designers simulate Siri Shortcut's experiments. This includes resources for the Add to Siri button, placeholder views of the Siri online experience and the display of Siri Shortcut's recommendations on the lock screen.

This helps application developers to create marketing materials and user interface prototypes for Siri Shortcuts before validating them.

Finally, in addition to the new Rounded font, Apple introduced Adobe XD design resources for watchOS. Apple has previously proposed Adobe XD resources for iOS.

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