iOS 12 now installed on 4 iOS devices out of 5


Apple has shared another update on the iOS 12 installation base. Since the beginning of the year, Apple has recorded a further 5% increase in iOS adoption with 80% iOS devices now running the latest software.

Apple has noted the updated numbers on its App Store Developer page. The last time the statistics was updated was January 1 of this year. At that time, 75% of all iOS devices used iOS 12, and 78% of devices aged 4 and older were running under the latest version. Yesterday, according to figures from Apple, 80% of all iOS devices were running iOS 12, 83% of devices four years old and older using the latest operating system.

In December, Apple noted that 70% of all iOS devices had installed iOS 12. Thus, this last period of about 8 weeks showed a slowdown in growth with the same increase in adoption by 5% which occurred during the four week period from December to January during the holidays.

Overall, iOS 12 was adopted more favorably than iOS 11. Last year, mid-January, iOS 11 had an installed base of 65%, 10% less than iOS 12 had seen the month latest.

Last week, Apple released the third beta developer and public iOS 12.2. The new update includes the new Animoji, Apple News in Canada, a 5G E icon for AT & T users, and more.

As for the number of Apple devices currently in use, Apple has shared 1.4 billion active devices, including 900 million iPhones.

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