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iOS 13: How to quickly connect to Bluetooth devices

You've opened YouTube or your favorite music app and you're ready to relax when you realize that your favorite Bluetooth headphones are no longer connected to your iPhone.

So you have to quit your application, search and open the Settings application, access the Bluetooth menu, connect to your headset, then close everything and return to your application. What pain.

In iOS 13, you can connect to paired Bluetooth devices directly from the Control Center so you do not have to leave your app! Here's how:

  1. Open the Control Center (slide your finger down in the upper right corner of an iPhone without a Home button.) Slide your finger up for an iPhone with a Home button.)

  2. Tap and hold, or 3D key, on the wireless connection block at the top right to expand it.

  3. Tap and hold (or 3D touch) the Bluetooth button on the right. A list of paired Bluetooth devices (connected and not connected) will appear. Just choose the one you want to connect to and you're ready to go.

ios13 how bluetooth IDG

Connecting to your paired Bluetooth devices is faster and easier on iOS 13.

If you simply press the Bluetooth button, you will be able to turn it on or off, as you always have done. iOS 13 adds the new 3D Touch feature (or long press) to view devices and connect.

This new method is not necessarily less tapping than going in settings, but it could be much faster: you do not have to close your current application, find the application settings (which can be on another home screen or in a folder), open it, open the Bluetooth menu, log in, close Settings and return to your application.

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