IOS 14 pro tip: change settings for better photos


Having a new kitten means that I take a lot more pictures. But trying to get a good shot of something that continually wiggles and wiggles (even while sleeping) is tricky.

And that was made all the more difficult because Apple hid a handy feature of the Camera app.

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Prior to iOS 14, if you held down the shutter button in the Camera app, the iPhone would go into “burst mode,” taking a bunch of photos that let me go back and find the best one.

But now in iOS 14 press and hold the shutter button to enter video recording mode. This in itself is a great feature, but I want to get the old “burst mode” feature back.

It’s there, but again it’s hidden. And that also changed how it works.

Head to Settings> Camera and you will see a parameter called Using Volume Up for Burst.

This is the setting you are looking for: Use Volume Up for Burst

This is the setting you are looking for: Use Volume Up for Burst

Now, rather than holding down the shutter button, I have to remember to hold down the volume up button.

But it’s nice to be able to quickly choose between taking a burst of photos or recording a quick video.

It’s a nice change. And I really like having a physical button to press. It’s easier to find and gives me proper tactile feedback, unlike a button on a screen.

UPDATE: A reader sent me a note via Twitter (thanks, Wolfgang!) to point out that there is another way to access “burst mode”, and that is by pressing and holding while simultaneously sliding the button to the left if in portrait mode or down if in landscape mode.

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