IOS app makers will soon be able to make discounts on their subscriptions for their current and past customers


Apple will soon be giving iOS developers and the Mac App Store the ability to offer discounted subscriptions to current and past customers, as indicated by MacRumeurs and TechCrunch. At the present time, limited-time subscription rates can only be part of introductory promotions; Once you have signed up for a service or application, you can no longer pay the cost of your subscription after the discount expires. And developers have no way to change that, for example to attract new subscribers, without lowering the monthly fee for all. In other words, you can not take advantage of a launch offer twice.

But that will change soon with iOS 12.2: Apple will allow developers to offer discounts on promotional subscriptions to expired and current users. Thus, they will be able to temporarily lower the price when they wish (during the holidays, the birthdays of exit of the applications / games, etc.) instead of being reserved at the beginning of the first connection of the customers. Apple also allows more flexibility: developers can run up to 10 different promotional prices on a single subscription. Thus, people who leave their in-app subscription expire could be offered a promotional discount more aggressive and tempting than existing customers.

App creators will be able to see which users have disabled auto-renewal and serve them the promotional subscription most likely to retrieve them. It also allows A / B developers to test several discount options, which means you may get a cheaper offer. or more expensive than another user of this application. Promotion subscription rates will not be displayed in the App Store. Customers will not be able to know if other users are getting better results. But again, these prices are for a fixed term; they always end up going to the standard monthly rate.

The extensive promotional discounts come after Apple has taken steps to simplify the lives of iPhone and iPad users who are trying to access and manage their subscriptions. Last month, the company also asked developers to make their subscription plans clear and easy to understand when presenting to customers. But Apple must also keep developers happy, and these new promotional subscription tools are one way to do it. The sizeable portion of each subscription that Apple retains for itself largely explains why the company's service business has grown in recent years.

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