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iPad Air vs. Microsoft Surface Go: What is the best replacement for a laptop?

Apple's iPad Air, which was resurrected in March as a modified version of the previous 10.5-inch iPad Pro, offers great utility at a hefty price of $ 499, but how does it compare-t it to the other competitors of the market?

In his last video, MacRumeurs videographer Dan compared the iPad Air to Surface's Microsoft will determine which one it prefers for nomadic computing.

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For this comparison, Dan decided to focus on the use of the iPad Air and Surface Go to replace a laptop. the iPad The air starts at $ 499, while the Surface Go is priced at a base price of $ 399, but in an attempt to replace these laptops, Dan has chosen to consider the devices equipped with the same. keyboard accessories from iPad Air at $ 659 and the area go to $ 529.

In his video, Dan shares his thoughts on the design and features of everyone, including important productivity accessories such as keyboards and their respective styli.

As potential replacements for laptops, performance is really the meeting point of rubber and Dan was not impressed by the Surface Go. He wanted to enjoy his full Windows 10 operating system, and that suited basic tasks such as e-mail, web browsing and document writing, but found that things got bogged down a bit when trying to multitask.

With the iPad Air, you do not really have a desktop operating system, at least for now, but it usually works great when you have to multitask and easily switch between Safari, Messages, Notes, Mail, iWork, etc. without any performance issues. . And with iPadOS 13 coming later this year, the iPad will become even more powerful.

So where do we come from iPad Air against the surface Go? This is a difficult comparison because they exhibit significant specification differences and that the case of using each is different. Overall, Dan found the iPad Air offers a more enjoyable user experience, although it's not quite a laptop replacement. But Surface is also not part of his experience, and he is wondering if it is not better to direct somebody to a more traditional Chromebook or Windows laptop when he is looking for something. experience of a cheap laptop.

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