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iPhone 11 R: wish list and rumors

The Apple iPhone XR is the most affordable and most popular new iPhone on the market. While "affordable" may not be the best way to describe a $ 750 phone, it is certainly popular. It offers beautiful bright color options (including our favorite yellow), the best battery life of any iPhone, the Apple A12 Bionic chip, which ranks even faster than the newer and more expensive ones due to long years of timely software updates.

But the time is coming for the annual update of Apple hardware and the new iPhone 11 R is surely coming. And we have already seen the first leaks and rumors, the new dual-lens camera unit and upgraded internal, but … what's up?

I've been using the iPhone XR for a long time and although I do not know what the successor will look like, I have some wishes. Let's take out this forgotten magic wand from the drawer, remove the dust and dream: here is our wish list for iPhone 11 R!

Screen # 1 for higher resolution

iPhone 11 R: wish list and rumors
This is not a surprise, but given the lack of information as to whether this will actually happen, let me start with this: Apple should really, really, offer a screen with a higher resolution . I do not think the 750p screen of the iPhone XR is a deal-breaker: it's something you get used to, but as soon as you switch to the incredible OnePlus 7 Also comparable price, Pro, you realize how bad the contract you get with the XR is.
The iPhone XR also comes with an LCD screen. It's a beautiful LCD with bright colors, but it still does not have the rich colors of an AMOLED display and the viewing angles are really not as good. So yes, an AMOLED display will definitely be on our wish list, but we realize that AMOLED displays are the most expensive phone components and that this should not happen, at least not before the 12R iPhone in 2020.
A curious thing that I noticed, however, is that for some people with particularly sensitive vision, an LCD is a better choice. All screens switch silently between a state turned on and off hundreds or thousands of times per second, a technique used by manufacturers to darken screens. But it happens thousands of times on LCD screens, that is to say fast enough so that your eyes do not notice, on certain AMOLED screens, the flow is slower and some people react and the eyes get tired. fast because they react to these changes. I am one of those people (you get sore eyes when you use your phone in low light, usually at night (you may have the same problems), and I prefer to use an LCD screen for this reason, so it may not be so bad an idea if Apple keeps the LCD screen for an extra reason – at least for some people.

# 2 Make it narrower (slimmer bezel!)

iPhone 11 R: wish list and rumors

One thing I can not get used to with the iPhone XR is the width of the phone. It's so wide that hold the impression of stretching the palm every time. Add to that gigantic goggles all around, and making the phone narrower is part of my most ardently desired wish.

Of course, this is not an easy task from the point of view of engineering. Apple has insisted on making the XR without a chin, so that the bezel is uniform on all sides and that it is difficult to achieve a thinner LCD without a chin. But this one is important: a narrower iPhone 11 R would be much more comfortable to use and carry in a pocket.

# 3 Get out with an even better life

iPhone 11 R: wish list and rumors

You probably already know that the iPhone XR has the best battery life of any iPhone, even Apple has said.

However, when you compare the life of the XR battery to that of other Android phones, especially with regard to playing videos on YouTube, you will notice that the average is average.

So here is a suggestion for Apple: why not make the iPhone 11 R the "battery iPhone"? Get out with a big battery! Make it the signature feature of the series. It would be absolutely great.

# 4 green color

One of the few green phones, the Huawei P10

One of the few green phones, the Huawei P10

The colors on the iPhone XR are one of the best things about this phone. Colors give it character and fantasy that are lacking on so many phones. But for some reason, the iPhone XR, like virtually every other phone, is not offered in green. I know it's not something practical, like faster performance, a bigger battery, or whatever, but it will make it a beautiful and unique phone that stands out among others. We are certain that Apple will be able to choose a beautiful grade grade, give it a beautiful name and that customers will like it.

# 5 fast charge

iPhone 11 R: wish list and rumors

Having a small and slow charger of 5 watts in the box with the iPhone at $ 750 is quite annoying. It takes exactly 3 hours and 12 minutes to charge the iPhone XR from a fully discharged battery.

Compare that to one hour and 15 minutes only with the OnePlus 7 Pro (sold at the same price) and you realize how bad it all is.

And really, just about every phone over $ 500 comes with a quick charger in the box (in fact, even the much cheaper phones are!), So we really hope that Apple does not have it. not traded in 2019 and included such an adapter for free with 11 R.

Night mode # 6

This one is a wish that we have not only for the iPhone 11 R, but also for all the next iPhone: a dedicated night mode! Most Android phones in 2019 now offer this option and it's something you see that is instantly impressed by the results. However, the current iPhones do not do a great job at night: it 's about the physics of the small sensor, but that' s something that Apple could improve in one fell swoop with a dedicated night mode.

Telephoto Lens # 7 and Ultra-Wide Lens

The iPhone XR has a very good camera that captures beautiful colors, especially during the day, but lacks the versatility of a high-quality zoom and an ultra-wide camera , and that's what most other phones offer in this price range.

Leaks so far show that the 11 R will have a secondary lens, which would likely be a telephoto lens. It's great! This is a check mark on our wish list. But that would still leave the 11R behind many Android rivals, who propose three different goals.

Final words

And that complements our wish list for the iPhone 11 R. Of course, we could have included many other elements: to bring it down, that's what all customers will accept, reduce the notch , reduce storage in the base model, more RAM, and so on, but that goes without saying and that is why they are not explicitly mentioned.

What are your wishes for the next iPhone 11 R model? What would you like to improve the most?

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