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The Game Developer Conference (GDC) will start next month and Google is planning to organize some kind of event. This is a rather ambiguous note, but Google has recently alluded to some gaming initiatives, which leads us to wonder if they have special and serious gaming projects to unveil.

Google has invited the press to choose this morning at a press event at the GDC. As noted by The edgePrevious Google GDC events were mostly developer-centric, so this event should be more of a keynote session. In other words, it could be used to announce something important in the field of games.

What could they announce on March 19 at 10:00 am Pacific time? More recently, Google has opened a project stream streaming test project called Project Stream. The stream allowed guest users to play Assassin's Creed Odyssey in a Chrome browser. In doing so, users were expected to benefit from all AAA gaming experience with "rich graphics" content that produced "an almost instant interaction between game controller and graphics". It was intended to give users a real gaming experience, just one that was broadcast via an internet browser.

Project Stream has since completed its test and we have not heard of Google since.

Before the release of Stream, a previous report suggested that Google may have been named "Yeti" as the streaming service name. This could result in a standalone console or a means of streaming games. via other Google products, like a Chromecast. . The details were scarce at the time, but with Project Stream put online temporarily, it is clear that Google is interested in the game in the future.

Will we see Project Stream open to more users with more games available, possible as a complete game streaming store? Will Google advertise a console or a way to stream AAA games through other devices, such as a Chromecast? The GDC is in only a month. We can not wait to find out.

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