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Is it time for the Mets to exchange Noah Syndergaard?

Judge only by the rightful of the Mets Noah SyndergaardDecline in performance this year, this summer does not seem to be the time to trade the 26-year-old. But based on Syndergaard's pre-2019 numbers and the amount of control he has over the club, Thor deserves a finish shot before the trade deadline. So far, for most of the season, the MLBTR pages have not been the subject of a possible Syndergaard exchange. The rumor however began to resume since Tuesday.

In three weeks, the Brewers, Astros and Padres showed interest in Syndergaard. It is probably fair to say that other teams will have more to do at Syndergaard, even though the Mets do not seem to have bought it aggressively.

Few things went well this year for New York, which stumbled on a record (40-50) that only improves the mark of the Marlins in the National League. The controversy is very unlikely for this year's Mets, but unlike the imminent departure into free agents. Zack Wheelerthey should not necessarily feel rushed to part with Syndergaard this summer.

Syndergaard, who earns an attractive salary of $ 6 million, is eligible for refereeing twice after 2019. Therefore, the Mets could keep it in the hope of bouncing back over this two-year period. Alternatively, the club could retain Syndergaard throughout this season, see if it regains its usual form in the second half, then solicit offers during the winter. At this stage, teams unable to win what should be a hotly contested derby for the best starting of free agencies, Gerrit Cole, could consider Syndergaard as a tantalizing consolation prize.

Syndergaard is a Cole-sized producer since he made his debut in the league. Between its debut in 2015 and last year, Syndergaard turned its 90s heat into an ASF 2.93 ERA / 2.66 FIP with 9.95 K / 9, 2.01 BB / 9 and a ball rate on the ground 49.5% on 518 innings. But his injuries have sometimes limited him, especially during a 154 1/3 run campaign in 2018, and they have again pitched their heads this year. Syndergaard lost time earlier in the season with a hamstring sprain, but returned after two weeks of absence. However, he has not managed a quality start on his three outings since. Overall, Syndergaard lost ground over his 2015-2018 opponent, scoring 4.68 ERA / 3.98 FIP, 8.6 K / 9 and 2.56 BB / 9, and an initial score of 46 , 7% on 105 2/3 images.

While Syndergaard continues to throw hard, his K / 9, his low career pursuit rate, his high career contact rate and his worst personal swing strike percentage show that he's cheating on the batters less than ever before. On the other hand, Syndergaard remains a darling of Statcast whose 34 points difference between his weighted average / xwOBA against (.314 / .280) suggests that bad luck played a role in his ability to prevent throwing. The fact that Syndergaard was instructed to launch in front of a formidable defense did not serve him either.

All in all, the Mets are faced with an interesting decision regarding Syndergaard, because zero hour ends on July 31st. If the Mets were to make Syndergaard available on that date, he would be perhaps the most popular player in the block. What should they do?

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