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Is Jon Favreau of the Lion King the Future Best Director? – Mailbag

Collider Mailbag's John Rocha welcomes We Live Entertainment's Founder, Scott Menzel, founder of LAOFCS, to answer questions from fans on the DC Universe broadcast platform, Jon Favreau and The Lion King, the strategy Netflix spending for movies, which makes you out new director should direct a movie of superheroes.

Thanks to fans of #ColliderMailbag for today's questions:

1. Why am I paying for the DC Universe streaming application while it currently contains very little original content and that new content is being sent to Netflix like Sandman?

2. What are your main factors or pet peeves that make or break a movie for you?

3. With the release of the Lion King, would you place Jon Favreau on a list of the best current / modern directors?

4. With Red Notice, which goes from Universal to Netflix, do we witness the end of the traditional studios that produce original big-budget films? Has Universal been cold-eyed by depositing $ 130 million on an original idea?

5. If you could choose a director or actor in an MCU movie and do their best, who would you choose and which movie would you like to see them do?

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