Is Montana worth selling in Canada for $ 1 trillion? Thousands of people think so

The United States surpassed $ 22 trillion in public debt last week, and one thinks it's a good idea to get rid of that debt. The concept is simple: sell the state of Montana to the Canadian nation for a trillion dollars. Sales of snow in the Rocky Mountains are not included.

The petition states that the US debt is too exorbitant and that the great state of Montana is useless. Many people in Montana who signed the petition and write comments agree with moving to Canada, but they do not make any "useless" sign.

The petition says to let Montans know that their neighbors in the far north – or what southern Canada would be like – have about the same fauna.

"We have too much debt and Montana is useless," reads the petition. "Just tell them there are beavers or something like that.

The petition had more than 10,000 signatures on Tuesday night, which is more than its initial goal, which is now raised to 15,000.

Canada would be the fourth largest state in America, but only the third least populated, with just over a million people – that's about a million dollars per capita, plus all this lush land . It's a little bigger than Japan, but smaller than Alaska, Texas and California.

The state known as Big Sky Country is opposed to the Canadian provinces of Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. They could start thinking of an NHL franchise franchise in Helena.

The ranch and agricultural economy would be a perfect fit for Canada.

One would think that people from outside Montana signed the petition that the huge state at the Canadian border be exchanged for a debt. But surprisingly, more Montanais have welcomed the feeling.

A Missoula signatory wrote: "Honestly, most Montanais are totally in agreement with that, let's do it.I'm good to be out of this hell."

Someone who claims to come from Montana, but now lives in Colorado, wrote: "I am Montanan and hope to join Canada without the costs of moving. Let's do that. Please, adopt us. "

Other comments include:

  • "I want to live in Montana but do not become American!"
  • "It's a beautiful place, I would like it to be part of British Columbia, call it southern British Columbia.
  • "It's time to change and the US could use $ 1 trillion."
  • "Let's include the entire west coast: California, Oregon, and Washington State, for up to $ 4 trillion."
  • "This Montanan is for him too! Free care and a leader who is not a "tool". "
  • "Montana is useless."

These are just simple user comments on an online petition site. You can read more here.

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