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Is Prince William the reason why Rose Hanbury is no longer wearing her wedding ring?

Royal affairs are not new. Just ask Prince Charles. His alleged infidelity to Princess Diana has been a topic of discussion for decades. But one would think that someone who has seen how business has destroyed his family would stay away from anything that could be misconstrued as an inappropriate relationship.

Unfortunately, Prince William follows in his father's footsteps regarding his marriage. He was recently charged with having an affair with his wife's friend Rose Hanbury.

Rumors of a business

The rumors began when rumors circulated that William's wife, Kate Middleton and Hanbury had had a quarrel.

"It is well known that Kate and Rose had a terrible battle," said a source at The Sun. "They were close but that's no longer the case. William wants to play peacemaker so that both couples can remain friends, as they are close to each other and share many common friends. "

After the quarrel, Middleton would have wanted William to stop dating Hanbury and her husband, David Rocksavage, the Marquis of Cholmondeley.

"But Kate made it clear that she did not want to see them any more and wanted William to eliminate them, despite their social status," the source said.

Stores began to speculate that the affair had occurred while Middleton was pregnant with the couple's youngest son, Louis.

"Rumors started around Christmas that William had become a little too close to Rose and was infatuated with her," said a New Idea source. "It's a naturally seductive and seductive woman and William is only human."

The source admitted, however, that the rumors were not 100% accurate.

"The rumors are wrong, but they came back to Kate and she fell on the roof. It's a very small world in the aristocratic country and social media is amplifying everything. "

"Even if they are not true, Kate feels clearly threatened. It's very sad because they were friends and Rose's kids played with Kate and George. "

Are there any problems in Hanbury's wedding?

The rumors surrounding William's relationship with Hanbury had subsided until she attended President Donald Trump's official dinner in London.

Her presence in itself was not what raised the eyebrows, but the fact that she presented herself without her covenant. Which led people to wonder if there were problems in his marriage.

But William and Middleton do their best to keep their heads up and ignore everything that's going on with Hanbury.

"Kate and William are generally unaware of this kind of rumor," a royal source told HollywoodLife.com, "but it has really shaken them up, which is why the lawyers are involved." The rumor is so ugly and so wrong that they could not ignore it. "

During dinner Hanbury was sitting on the other side of the Middleton Hall. He was, however, given a seat at William's table, but far from the prince.

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