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Is the chef Hopper really dead?

On July 4th, Netflix abandoned the highly anticipated third season of the hit series, Strange things.

To say that a lot has happened this season would be an understatement, because many of us are still trying to deal with everything that happened in eight episodes.

Jim Hopper in Stranger Things 2
David Harbor in Stranger Things 2 | Netflix

Although we have lost some characters we all loved (Alexei "Smirnoff"), the most difficult loss we faced in the series was none other than Chef Jim Hopper.

Since none of us saw his death coming, it really hit the house.

Just thinking of a season without Hopper hurts our heart, but some fans are convinced he could still be alive.

We have never seen Hopper actually die

This season has had some obvious deaths that have occurred.

Alexei was first killed by Grigori while attending the town fair, then Billy died trying to protect Eleven from The Mind Flyer.

We did see these two deaths with our own eyes, but Chef Hopper continues to be questioned.

So, how did Hopper really die? Let's do a quick recap.

In season 3 finale of Strange thingsWe saw Hopper trying to destroy the machine by keeping the Upside Down door open.

A few seconds after the final closing of the door, Hopper and Joyce Byers are attacked by Russian agents.

Hopper then finds himself face to face with Grigori and the two end up fighting in the same room as the machine.

Jim Hopper manages to kill the bad Russian agent, but after throwing it into the machine, rays of electricity gush out, trapping him in the room.

When Joyce is ready to turn both keys to finally destroy the machine, Hopper nods to him and a huge explosion is heard.

The screen goes black and when the scene comes back, we see the other Russians in combination of biological confinement explode, but Hopper is not found.

Many of us just assumed that he had died during the blast, but we have never seen him get killed.

Hopper could most definitely be "The American"

In addition to not seeing Jim Hopper die, fans also pointed out that they did not think producers would kill a main character so easily.

All the characters who ended up dying in the series all played supporting roles.

Hopper being one of the main characters, we can assume that his story is far from over.

It is also helpful that the mid-sized credit scene also suggested that Hopper could still be alive.

The scene is happening in Russia and we see agents passing through a facility while one approaches a door while the other says, "No, not the American. . "

Instead, they drag a prisoner through another door, take him down and then feed him into a life-size Demogorgon who is locked in a cage.

For the fans, the "American" to which they alluded could very well be Jim Hopper, but we will have to wait until next season to see if this theory is really true.

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