Is the "huge and overwhelming bond" of Bradley Cooper and Lady GaGa ruining his relationship ??


Nobody was terribly surprised by the news Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk had broken.

The discussions between the two men have been in the air for months – but were the rumors about money? Or did all the gossip aggravate the situation?

Let's be honest. Much of the rumor that has been rumored over the last six months did not even concern Bradley and Irina. It was about Bradley and Lady Gaga.

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After the audience sees BCoop and his main wife A star is born, many fans wondered if the romance on screen was going as well.

It did not help how sensitive both of them were to the promo and the red carpet.

Bradley Cooper and Lady GaGa holding hands
Just a harmless hand held. As all colleagues do. / (c) Joe Alvarez
Bradley Cooper and Lady GaGa holding hands
Super normal. / (c) Joe Alvarez

And then of course there was that Oscars performance of Shallow

This certainly put the discourse in overdrive.

Well, according to a new insider, everything that has absolutely had an impact on Irina – whether or not it's a case.

The source explained to People Tuesday:

"Rumors that Bradley and Gaga have a love affair did not help in particular with his constant travels. [promoting the film]. "

We know that if we saw all this about our man, we would discuss it.

Bradley Cooper Irina Shayk Major
No, Irina does not subtly express Bradley's finger before he looks into love with Lady GaGa. Probably. / (c) Dave Bedrosian / Future Image / WENN

OK, the whole speech is terrible for relations. We know, we know.

But you know what's worse? Real infidelity. So we must know.

Is there anything going on between Cooper and GaGa or not?

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We mean that Bradley would have been "emotionally absent" during A star is born, GaGa broke with his fiance Christian CarinoHe and Irina separated. It was during a few months.

GaGa says no, of course, but everything is fine.

So is it real?

The insider says NO, there has been no romantic entanglement between the clients … for now. But it seems a distinct possibility now that both are available:

"He has a huge and overwhelming connection with Gaga, but it is premature to see if this becomes a real love story in their lives, and it's hard to speculate at that point."

For the record, Bradley certainly does not act like a man desperately in love. He has hardly run into GaGa's arms now that he is a free agent.

But he is not celebrating like a man excited to be single.

After the news of the breakup, he was seen Monday night in a bar with friends, one of whom was Game of thrones co-creator D.B. Weiss.

It was an evening between guys certainly, but far from the antics of the "pack of wolves" of his Hangover character. According to eyewitnesses, Bradley returned home around 10:30 am Barely a night of excesses. Hmm.

Do you think Bradley and GaGa will meet IRL ??

[Image via Mario Mitsis/WENN.]


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