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Is the Samsung Galaxy S10 + worth $ 1,000?

Todd Haselton of CNBC is reviewing the Samsung Galaxy S10 +, a super phone that costs $ 1,000, which could be too much for most people.

Samsung introduced four new Galaxy S10 phones earlier this month, and I'm testing one of the highest-end models, the Galaxy S10 +, for several days. It's one of the best Android phones that you can buy if you're ready to spend $ 1,000 or more to get it.

And this price is the key point because fewer people are willing to spend that money on a phone now that operator subsidies have changed and people are keeping their phones a lot longer than ever before. This means that the Galaxy S10 + is not able to steal sales to Apple in the same way as Chinese brands such as Huawei and Xiaomi, by offering premium phones at cheaper prices.

The Galaxy S10 +, as great as it is, reminds that smartphone innovation has reached a plateau in terms of offering essential features. Although the screen is beautiful and the cameras are great, they are no better than what your phone probably already. Maybe when the price of folding phones decreases, more people will want to spend a lot of money to upgrade, but not yet.
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Is the Samsung Galaxy S10 + worth $ 1,000?

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