Is the South Beach Diet Keto

It is safe to say that I have never really eaten healthily. All day, I find myself nibbling a bag of fries nearby, stuffing myself with a handful of sweets or drinking another sweet drink. And with all that, I still wonder why I can not lose weight. I've already tried fad diets, but I still had to stop after only a few days, because of my constant cravings.

Yet, some of my friends swore by a low-carb diet and high-fat called keto. My friend had recently lost nearly 30 pounds for her wedding* but I was surprised when she mentioned the South Beach diet. I had assumed that it was impossible to use weight loss meals prepared in advance while respecting a keto-adapted meal plan. In fact, I only thought it was possible to live "in unison" by preparing all my meals alone – believe me, I'm not a chef. The idea of ​​having my keto-ready meals delivered directly to my door was really appealing, as it would mean more variety and better portion control (I'm sometimes a bit excessive with bacon and avocado! ). Plus, South Beach is an established meal plan that helps people see the results, which is exactly what I was looking for. When I discovered that South Beach was offering keto-friendly meal options, I was on the show. If I could enjoy the benefits of the South Beach diet and a keto-friendly lifestyle with a single meal plan, why not try it?

The key to transforming your body is based on its three-phase program, designed to eliminate unpleasant carbohydrate and sugar cravings that make us eat too much. Phase 1 launches your weight loss journey with a reboot of the body in seven days. Unhealthy eating habits result in higher levels of sugar in your body, especially when you consume a lot of refined carbohydrates, which leads to more fat accumulation. This cycle is broken by adopting a high protein and low carb diet in your daily routine. I suddenly found myself without the sugar and refined cravings to which I was so accustomed. Staying on a diet the first week was difficult for me in the past, but with meals like stuffed chicken breast with artichokes and spinach and a succulent roast turkey with a herb sauce, it was easier than ever to eat keto

At the beginning of Phase 2, I was starting to run out of carbohydrates, even though I did not feel like it. Fortunately for me, this new phase involved the addition of "good" carbohydrates from fruits, starchy vegetables and even whole grains. This allows you to consistently reach your weight loss goal without limiting your available foods! Dozens of meals were at my disposal and my favorite was the beef with garlic and ginger and broccoli. I loved the snacks available and I knew that if I were hungry at night, I would be satisfied with a fudgy graham crumble bar. I've also had the added flexibility and convenience of preparing two breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks myself with the help of the South Beach Keto-Friendly Grocery Guide. which specifically lists your visits to the grocery store. In addition, after reaching my goal weight, I was able to move to phase 3 and order my favorite meals via their a la carte service.

The best part of all this is that the South Beach diet does not require a quantity of endless exercises to lose weight – only 30 minutes a day! In fact, studies have shown that you are more likely to lose weight by reducing your calories than by increasing your physical activity. Do not worry that your physical limitations will prevent you from achieving your weight loss goals. If you focus on the South Beach Diet program, you will have what you need to be healthier. Better yet, you will find that your energy levels are higher. It's almost like the way your body thanks you for eating healthy.

I was initially afraid to change my eating habits, but after seeing and feeling my results, I am convinced that the South Beach diet works. With plans starting at $ 11 a day and a wide variety of dishes, I had escaped the boring diets that had plagued me in the past. I've finally managed to break my carb cravings permanently while eating foods that I appreciate.

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* In one study, avg. the weight loss was 5.8 pounds. in the first 7 days. Thereafter, expect to lose on average 1 to 2 pounds per week.

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