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COLUMBUS, Ohio – Matthew Baldwin was evaluated, observed and signed by the first quarterback by Ryan Day, Ohio. In the past year, since Baldwin was with the Buckeyes, there have been only promising reports about his future. The staff likes him and considers him the type of player who could be the starting quarter of this program someday.

This day will not be August 31, 2019.

Day, the man who chose Baldwin in the recruiting class in 2018, has since chosen someone else. And this choice alone should be all that everyone needs to know about the current position of the Ohio State Quarterback and the direction the situation is taking. The choice of staff is more important than the words that come out of the coach's mouth at a press conference.

In the week following Day's replacement of Urban Meyer, he was recruited by Justin Fields, a promising former quarterback prospect who had left Georgia after a year. Ohio State lost Dwayne …

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